Salem Municipal Airport Renovation

The Salem Municipal Airport is an important factor in the long range development plans for the City of Salem.

The City of Salem Airport has embarked on a 9-Phase development and renovation plan that will receive Federal matching funds to support and complete the project. Central to the development plan is to increase the current runway length from 2,738 feet to 4,000 feet.

The additional runway length will allow for light to medium sized aircraft and specifically corporate aircraft to land at the City of Salem Airport. The enhanced airport will be a key factor in facilitating corporate and industrial relocation to the Salem area. The enhanced airport will also allow the City of Salem to take advantage of the overcrowding at the Metropolitan Louisville area airports by providing an alternative to corporate air traffic.

City of Salem 9 Phase Development Overview:

  • Fiscal Year 2005:  Acquire parcels 8 & 9
  • Fiscal Year 2006:  Perform grading and install drainage items for proposed terminal area site development.
  • Fiscal Year 2007:  Install security fencing, Pave access taxiways, parking apron, entrance road, and parking lot. Install associated electrical items, construct terminal bldg, a 10 unit T-hangar, electrical vault, and fuel facility.
  • Fiscal Year 2008:  Acquire parcels 10,11,and 12 & easements 13-18.
  • Fiscal Year 2009:  Perform grading and install drainage items for proposed temporary runway (Future taaxiway), Construct cul-de-sac on Drive-in Theater Rd., various clearing of land and tree grubbing.
  • Fiscal Year 2010:  Paving of 50' wide temporary runway (Future taxiway) and install associated electrical items.
  • Fiscal Year 2011:  Perform grading and install drainage items for proposed permanent runway. Abandoned runway pavement to be removed(approx 1/3 of present runway).
  • Fiscal Year 2012:  Pave permanent runway and install electrical items: PAPI lights, REILS Lights, automated weather observation system(AWOS), remove abandoned runway pavement(remainder of present runway), Possible demolition of existing terminal bldg/maintenance hangar etc.