Dale Jonas holds the position of Sexton of Crown Hill Cemetery. His duties include, but are not limited to, digging of graves, selling grave sites and documenting all burials. He is also in charge of the mowing, upkeep of equipment and snow removal in winter.

Crown Hill Cemetery:

Crown Hill Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Washington County. Crown Hill was established in 1824. Crown Hill Cemetery is located on the southwest edge of the City of Salem.

In its early existence, burials originally located in front of the DePauw Home, where DePauw Park is now located, were transferred to the present site. Other burials from the old Masonic Cemetery, which was located near the railroad crossing on High St., were also transferred to the current site.

In 1883, the first Addition was made at the south end of the cemetery. Nine more Additions have since been annexed to the cemetery property. Crown Hill Cemetery presently occupies over 90 acres which provide the necessary area for future cemetery expantion and development.

Like all cemeteries, Crown Hill's many monuments and markers reflect the history of this historic community. As an historical aside, many of the stone markers in the original section reflect lives that were lost during the Cholera epidemic of 1833. This part of the cemetery also contains many beautifully engraved tombstones made of Hindostan whetstone.

The City is pleased to be able to provide information that symbolizes durability, devotion, and honor to those who represent much of its heritage.

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Crown Hill Cemetery Online Burial Records

Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery:

Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery was established in 1857, is also located adjacent to the northeast corner of the cemetery property.

Additional information:

The Genealogical Library located at the Steven's Museum is home to more than 6000 articles, books, periodicals, magazines, and pictures and is a wonderful resource for genalogical research. 

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