Customer Service is the department's motto and something each of its members takes seriously. Not only does the department provide fire protection, it also responds to all injury accidents within the area, provides first-responder service in conjunction with the local EMS service, installs and checks smoke detectors in local businesses and industry to provide emergency preparedness training and inspections.

Salem's Fire Department consists of 9 professional career firefighters and 3 part-time firefighters who are supported by a staff of 20 volunteer firefighters. Career firefighters undergo daily training programs in order to respond to any emergency in the community.

Services provided for the public include:

  • Smoke detector program: We have a program that if you are having trouble or just curious if your smoke detector is working properly we will come to your residence and inspect the detector for you at no cost. We also offer free smoke detectors to families that do not have them or may not be able to afford one.
  • Carbon Monoxide check: if you feel that you may have a problem always call the fire department. We have a carbon monoxide detector that we will bring to you residence or place of business and check to make sure the air quality is good.
  • Fire Prevention: During fire prevention week in October we visit the Schools and preschools to help educate the children on the hazards of fire and what to do in case of one. We also do station tours for them so they can see what we do on a daily basis. These visitations and station tours can be scheduled for anytime of the year.

Additional services provided:

  • Fire Suppression and Safety
  • First Responder Services for Salem and Washington Township
  • Rescue Vehicle Extrication for Washington County

Smoke Detectors:

The Salem Fire Department wants to remind everyone that when the time changes in the spring and fall to change the battery in your smoke detectors. Most smoke detectors use a 9 volt battery and are easy to change.

While you are changing the battery, take time to do a visual inspection of the smoke detector and check for obvious signs of wear or damage. Remove any dust or debris from the smoke detector. This may cause the smoke detector to malfunction or possibly not operate at all.

Each home should have at least one working smoke detector on each level and inside all bedrooms if you sleep with your doors shut.

We also recommend that you test your smoke detectors at least once a month. This is done by pressing a small test button located on the face of the detector. If a smoke detector is not working properly, remove it and replace it with a new unit.

The Salem Fire Department will provide you with a new detector if you cannot afford one or answer questions concerning installation or maintenance of smoke detectors.

Contact the City of Salem Fire Department

Office Contact:

Tom Day - Fire Chief
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In Case of Emergency:

Contact Washington County 911 Service
Dial 911 or 812-883-5999

Office Location:

Salem Fire Department
38 Public Square
Salem, IN 47167