The City of Salem dedicated two public art installations at Lake Salinda in a ceremony Tuesday.

Mayor Justin Green said this collaborative effort enhances the area, a popular spot for residents and visitors.

“These are truly unique pieces, designed specifically to represent Salem and our heritage,” said Mayor Green. “They are fun, thought-provoking and will hopefully inspire both contemplation and conversation.”

Indiana University students worked with the City of Salem, Washington County Community Foundation and Salem High School students on the design process, which identified what is unique to local culture and heritage. 

“Revival” is a metal and acrylic piece that evokes a quilt pattern through transparent panels that resemble stained glass. The color scheme was inspired by the city’s downtown landscape.

“A Common Link” is an interactive sculpture with linked metal strands that represent the community’s connections. It has bright colors and patterns in a metal link drapery that flows with Lake Salinda’s scenery.

The pieces were fabricated by McIntyre Bros. Construction.

“I want to thank the IU students for a fabulous job, start to finish, on this project,” said Mayor Green. “McIntyre Bros. did a great job creating the pieces, which will add beauty to the lake for years.”

The project was supported by the IU Center for Rural Engagement’s Sustaining Hoosier Communities partnership with Washington County.

Mayor Green said further Lake Salinda improvements are being planned.

Through a partnership with the WCCF, the city will install concrete gaming tables on lake property. A kayak launch was donated last year, allowing kayakers to access the waters. The lake is also a popular spot for fishing and hiking.

Mayor Green said electrical work is also being installed to allow a future site for primitive camp sites as well as the addition of a new bath house.

“Lake Salinda has long been important to Salem, originally as a source of drinking water,” said Mayor Green. “The focus has shifted to enhance recreational opportunities with an emphasis on providing an area for families and individuals to relax and enjoy nature in an area that’s close to the city and easy to access.”